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Community of Practice 

What exactly is a community of practice? Well, it's more than a club or a group of people with the same interest. A community of practice includes members who share a commitment and passion to advancing the individual and collective knowledge base of an area of interest. MMARI, MATI, and MALIC constitute a community of researchers and practitioners dedicated to improving their skills in systematic review and meta-analysis. 

This community is strengthened and maintained by the relationships that are built between members as they move toward their shared journey of developing high-quality meta-analyses.


Over time, these meta-analytic studies build a foundational knowledge base that can be leveraged by researchers, policymakers, and advocacy groups to propose methodologically sound and evidence-based policies and interventions that can be used to promote the greater good. 

Promoting the greater good starts within the community. To that end, MALIC was created to help share and democratize advanced methods in systematic review and meta-analysis with an intentional focus on identifying underrepresented groups in STEM and Education who can use their experiences to add new perspectives using systematic reviews and meta-analyses. 

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